We strive to reconnect people with nature and with themselves

Mindfulness. It is our nature.

We at Mindful by Nature believe that mindfulness is part of human nature. The way we live our lives in today's world has separated us from that innate ability to stay in that space of mindfulness and the busyness of everyday life in our fast-paced society distracts us from our mindful nature. The goal of Mindful by Nature is to help people find that space again by guiding people in mindfulness techniques, assisting in self healing, and bringing people back to nature. With these skills it is our hope that people will see that they can have a more peaceful and fulfilling life by taking the time to respect and reconnect with themselves and with nature.


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As someone who was regularly meditating, I didn’t know how much mindfulness still lacked in my life. Now when I’m “multitasking” I think of Tom’s voice asking me where my focus is. With Tom‘s guidance, I am consistently bringing myself into the present moment to relieve worry or anxiety and find joy.
Have you tried meditation that felt like your mind was too busy and it just wasn’t for you? These days, seems like everyone’s talking about the miracle magic of meditation. I agree, it’s great AND some of us need more guidance on how to work on mindfulness before we can tackle meditation. Tom can help you too!
— Lucy H.


About Tom

I feel like I am just a regular guy.

I never had a guru, traveled to Burning Man or found myself huddled in a corner after drinking Ayahuasca. (Geez, maybe I am missing out)

I just happened to learn the benefits of mindfulness and meditation from my own life experiences. I want to share that with the world and help those that are open and receptive to learning and healing themselves.

My background is in Environmental Science and Education and I have a life long love of the outdoors. I learned a lot about myself from my time in nature and learned many of the practices that I use today in that space. (I mean, it’s called Mindful by Nature, right 😁 )